New Fortis BC Rebates 2022

Natural Gas Furnace And Boiler Rebate Program.

Replace your old natural gas furnace or boiler with an eligible ENERGY STAR® model and you could qualify for a rebate of either $500 or $700 on a furnace, or $500 on a boiler.
Are You Eligible?*
  1. You must be a FortisBC residential natural gas customer, with natural gas as your primary source of heat.
  2. Your existing furnace or boiler must be at least 10 years old and must not require repairs in excess of $1,000 (pre-tax, including parts and labour).
  3. You must install an eligible ENERGY STAR furnace or boiler with a two-pipe direct vent system.**
  4. You must have purchased, installed and paid in full for your furnace or boiler on or after October 1, 2019.
  5. Applications must be submitted within 60 days of the installation date.

*You can find a complete list of requirements on the application form.
**To be verified by submitting a photograph as part of your application.

Eligible models and available rebates

New heating systemRebateEligible models
95 – 96.9% AFUE furnaceUp to $1,000Furnaces
97 – 99% AFUE furnaceUp to $1,000*
94% AFUE or higher boilerUp to $1,000Boilers
Energy Star certified natural gas Combi heating system (Description below)Up to $1,000​Combi System
Energy Star qualified gas water heaters (0.67% AFUE)$200​Water Heaters
Tankless Water HeatersUp to $1,000
“Plus Two Upgrade” (Description below)$300


Energy Star Certified natural gas Combi heating system (Combi is a high efficiency boiler and tankless all in one unit)

“Plus Two Upgrade” = Choose two or more eligible upgrades from qualified units to be eligible for the home renovation bonus rebate of $300.

*This incentive is funded by FortisBC, the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada. 

How to apply 

For tips on applying for your rebate, watch Fortis BC video.

  1. Review the application form and read our info sheet, Five things to know before your new high-efficiency furnace is installed.
  2. Choose and purchase an eligible ENERGY STAR furnace or boiler and have it installed with a two-pipe direct vent system by a Technical Safety BC licensed gas contractor. You can find a contractor by searching our directory.
  3. Complete the customer section of the application in full and have your contractor complete their part, as well as the furnace commissioning sheet, if applicable. You must also include a photograph of the new two-pipe direct vent system installed in your home and a copy of your invoice showing details of all work performed, purchase date, make and model number and installation permit number.  See a sample invoice to ensure your invoice includes all required information.
  4. Email or mail your completed application and copies of supporting documents within 60 days of the installation date or Furnace and Boiler Replacement Program
    PO Box 9090
    Surrey, BC V3T 5W4Note: if mailing, registered mail is recommended.
  5. Applications may take up to 90 days to process.