On first note I would like to say that Prima was very professional, and excellent workmanship, Brian was excellent with his expertise, and I would like to thank Prima for coming out, the Owner and their Tech and giving their expertise to fix the install.

Harry & I appreciate very much of your coming right away to light up the pilot light of the heater to give us warmth in our home. Thank you so much.

Thank you for helping our customer. She needed the support since she is elderly and was not able to convey her concerns about the leak clearly. At Home Depot we receive badges for good work... sorry I am unable to give you one but only can say THANK YOU.

My son, who owns his own A/C and Heating company in Ottawa, was visiting recently and he took a look at the a/c system Prima installed. He was absolutely impressed by the Inaba Denko covering on the pipes, etc. exiting our house. He has never seen anything like it before and feels this product would add the proper finishing touch to any installations he did.

Thank you for getting us all set up with our new dishwasher. We're very excited to have such a luxury in our new space. You've all been wonderful.