BBQs & Natural Gas


If you’re like us, some of your best memories involve friends, family, and a backyard barbeque. When you decide to install a gas barbeque, it means no worries about running out of fuel, so those get-togethers are that much easier to enjoy. Gas fireplaces are another popular choice. Nothing beats the warmth and feel of a fire on a cold night, especially when there’s no worries about getting it lit, keeping the fire going, or hauling in load after load of wood. Natural gas can also provide energy for a number of other appliances in your home, including furnaces, water heaters, and clothes dryers. Let Prima help you decide if natural gas is the right choice for you. Our experience with installing and repairing gas lines and appliances gives us the knowledge to explain the advantages before you choose and trouble-shoot potential problems before they happen.

  • Gas Fireplace Repairs
  • BBQ Box installation
  • Gas Appliance
  • Gas Lines