Comfort Star Ductless Split Systems


Why a ductless split system?

Advances in inverter technology have made mini-split heat pump systems among the most high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems available in the market. This technology allows us to modulate the frequency of a compressor according to the thermal load of the conditioned space; therefore, a compressor can reduce the amount of work it does to reach a desired set temperature. This results in longer compressor life-span and most importantly, decrease in energy usage and increased energy savings. Mini-splits are ideal when making additions to a home, since expanding existing duct work can be problematic in some situations. Ease of installation makes it very practical for light commercial applications, such as hotel rooms, office spaces, malls and hospitals.


Important characteristics

  • No Duct Work Required: Helps to save space, eliminates heat loss and easier installation.
  • Zone Control: Maximize energy efficiency by individually cooling or heating only those spaces desired.
  • Inverter, no compressor/motor hard starts: Increases efficiency, and extends the life of mechanical components. Thermal loads are reached quickly and sustained using minimal energy consumption.
  • Flexibility - suitable for residential and light commercial application.
  • Very quiet – low decibel levels for indoor/outdoor units.